G-Taste (2010)

Genres: Ecchi / Yuri / Eng. Subtitles

Alternative titles:
G-Taste (2010)
G-Best G-tasteベストセレクション
Year: 2010
Series: OVA (1 ep.), 25 min.

Age limit: Mild Nudity
Studios: AIC Plus+

This OVA features five of the most popular girls from G-Taste: Riona Kisaragi, Yuki Shihoudou, Nana Morimura, Asuka Senou and Mai Kannazuki.

G-Taste (2010)
Brother, Dear Brother

Genres: Drama / School / Shoujo / Shoujo Ai / Yuri / Eng. Subtitles

Alternative titles:
Brother, Dear Brother
Oniisama E...
To My Brother...
Onii-sama e
Year: 1991
Series: 39 episodes, 25 min.
Video Resolution: HD 1080p
Age limit: 13+
Studios: Tezuka Productions

When starting at a new school, Nanako is thrust into the world of female rivalry and love. She is choosen into the Sorority, giving her an enviable postition according to all the girls left out.

Brother, Dear Brother